Sunday, August 17, 2008

Extract from Church Minutes of the Feltham Congregational Church, Victoria Road, of a meeting of members, dated 2nd August 1944

Bomb Damage to Church and School Buildings

It was reported that damage had been done to the Church and School Buildings as the result of a Flying Bomb falling near Florence Villas on Wednesday morning August 2nd. As a result of this bomb a considerable number of the houses of our members had received damage. It was agreed to record the sympathy of the Church Members for those who had thus suffered. On the motion, moved by Miss King and seconded by Mrs Jaquet, the special thanks of the Church Members was passed to Mrs Tabor for the splendid way in which she had tackled the mess caused by the glass window etc., and also to Mr and Mrs Holden for dealing with the situation on the day, and cleaning the window frames of the splinters.


John said...

I remember the "doodlebug" that landed near Florence Villas. It was at the end of Cardinal Road and there was a big house there and where Cardinal Road is now a through road, there used to be a big garden there and I think that is where the bomb fell. As a 9 year old I used to always go looking for shrapnel after raids. It soon went around on the childrens grapevine as to where the bomb fell. I was down there as soon as I heard and came home dragging a large piece of the remains behind me. My mother was use to my growing collection of steel by now. I lived in Queens Road and remember our back windows were blown out when the bomb exploded.

LennieMc said...

My mum lived in that house, she was 7 at the time, the youngest of 11 children (the Pritchards). The youngest girls (Violet, Sylvia, Marie and Audrey (my mum)) went to Cardinal Road School. They were rehoused in Bedfont and then later moved back to ALfred Road.